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Race4Love is Dog Friendly!

How exercising with your dog helps you both

As we all know, dogs make wonderful companions and are usually content to do whatever their owners are doing, from taking a ride in the car to lounging around on the sofa on a lazy Sunday afternoon. However, having a canine companion gives you a great excuse to get out and exercise! Whether that means taking a brisk walk around your neighborhood or running along a park trail, you and your dog can both benefits.

The Advantages

Besides getting in better cardiovascular and physical shape, walking or running with your dog can also help:

  • Boost your mood

  • Lower your blood pressure

  • Strengthen your bond with your pet

  • Keep you motivated to exercise regularly (Your dog will bug you to stick with your routine.)

What Your Dog Gets Out of the Deal

Running or walking with your dog isn’t just good for you, it’s also good for your dog. Exercising helps keep his heart, lungs, joints, and digestive and circulatory systems healthy, and it helps him control weight and expend energy. If you’ve ever noticed your dog racing extra fast around your house or yard (sometimes referred to as zooming), you’ve witnessed him trying to burn excess energy.

The Ultimate Reward

Running or walking with your dog can keep you motivated to stay on track, so you get healthy together. Plus, what could be better than spending quality time with your best friend?

Before you initiate your shared exercise regimen, visit your physician and take your pet to his veterinarian. Your doctors can make sure there are no underlying health concerns that might prevent either of you from exercising and even recommend exercises that are right for you and your pooch.

*Waivers for your pet will be available to sign at the registration table. As always, please pick up after your pet. Thank you!

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