Couch to 5k Training Program - Kiss Abuse Goodbye!

­ StartFragment ­ StartFragment Have you signed up for Hopeful Horizons' Race4Love? Mark your calendars for Saturday, Feb. 16 and don't miss this fun race! 2019 Couch to 5k Training Program ­ StartFragment This four-week 5K training schedule is perfect if you're a beginner with a race scheduled a month away (RACE4LOVE). It's specifically designed for beginner runners/walkers who want to build up to continuously running a 5K (3.1 miles) race. For best results and, more importantly, to prevent injury, use this plan only if you've been cleared by your physician. Training Plan Overview With this plan you'll make slight increases in your running distance while making small decreases in your walk

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For event details, race day questions, or sponsorship inquiries, you can reach the Race4Love race coordinators via email or by calling 843-379-6151. If you want updates/notifications regarding the Race4Love, subscribe below!

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